S3 Diabetic complications 1 : What’s new in diabetic microvascular complications?
Friday 29 September 09:00~11:00 | Place: Convention Hall C
Chul Woo Yang The Catholic University of Korea, Korea S3-1 SGLT2 inhibitor has renal protective effect?
Niewczas monika Harvard University, USA S3-2 Upcoming new targets for diabetic kidney disease
Rodica Pop-Busui University of Michigan, USA S3-3 Cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy, myocardial dysfunction and cardiovascular outcomes in diabetes
Nam Hoon Kim Korea University, Korea S3-4 DPP-4 inhibitor use and risk of diabetic retinopathy: a new safety issue of a safe drug
S8 Diabetic complications 2 : Novel targets and therapies of diabetic cardiovascular disease
Friday 29 September 16:00~18:00| Place: Convention Hall C
Jeong Hun Kim Seoul National University, Korea S8-1 Translational research on vaso-proliferative retinopathy using in vivo genome dditing
Do Young Park Sungkyunkwan University, Korea S8-2 Plastic roles of pericytes in the blood-retinal barrier
Brian Wong Vesalius Research Center, Belgium S8-3 Angiogenesis revisited : role and therapeutic implications of endothelial metabolism
Jae-Kwan Song University of Ulsan, Korea S8-4 Aortic valvular calcification and DPP4 inhibitors
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