Research group on metabolic syndrome : Metabolic syndrome and health outcome in Korea
Thursday 28 September 15:00~17:00 | Place: Convention Hall A
Eun Young Lee The Catholic University of Korea, Korea RG1-1 Metabolic syndrome and incidence of cancer in nationwide study
Ho Jun Chin Seoul National University, Korea RG1-2 Metabolic syndrome and chronic kidney disease
Dae Jung Kim Ajou University, Korea RG1-3 Metabolic risk score and CVD mortality among Korean adults
Chang Ho Ahn Seoul National University, Korea RG1-4 Metabolic syndrome independently predicts future diabetes in women with a history of gestational diabetes
Research group on diabetic vascular cell biology : Vascular and regenerative medicine
Thursday 28 September 15:00~17:00 | Place: Convention Hall B
    • Attempt to protect and regenerate diabetes-associated vascular disease Vascular diseases are major causes of diabetic complications. A better understanding of the mechanisms leading to vascular dysfunction may unmask new strategies to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in patients with diabetes. Over the last years our knowledge on the mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of diabetes related vascular disease has been enriched by the discovery of new molecules emerging as novel risk factors. Professor Bae will talk about link between vascular cells during angiogenesis and Professor Kim will talk dysregulation of RANKL/RANK system as a cause for cardiovascular disease. There were many advances in therapy, but they were focused on the modification of risk factors. Here we will discuss more new treatment modalities. Current vascular and endovascular management will be presented by Professor Park. Professor Choi will talk about stem cell based management in diabetic vasculopathy.
Sun Sik Bae Pusan National University, Korea RG2-1 Vascular crosstalk during retinal angiogenesis
Jaetaek Kim Chungang University, Korea RG2-2 he role of RANKL in retinal angiogenesis
Yang-Jin Park Sungkyunkwan University, Korea RG2-3 Current vascular and endovascular management in diabetic vasculopathy
Dong Hoon Choi Yonsei University, Korea RG2-4 Stem cell based management in diabetic vasculopathy
Research group on diabetic neuropathy : State-of-the-art in diabetic neuropathy
Thursday 28 September 15:00~17:00 | Place: Convention Hall C
Jong Chul Won Inje University, Korea RG3-1 A critical reconsideration of the treatment of diabetic neuropathy based on clinical phenotype
Eun Yeong Mo The Catholic University of Korea, Korea RG3-2 Practical tips in diagnosis and treatment of autonomic neuropathies in diabetes
SungWan Chun Soonchunhyang University, Korea RG3-3 Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for therapy of diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Seong Su Moon Dongguk University, Korea RG3-P1 Panel discussion
Ie Byung Park Gachon University, Korea RG3-P2 Panel discussion
Chong Hwa Kim Sejong general hospital, Korea RG3-P3 Panel discussion
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