S9 Obesity : New mechanisms of thermogenesis
Friday 29 September 16:00~18:00| Place: Emerald Hall A
Chairman: Hong Kyu Lee, Hyun Shik Son
    • S9. Obesity: New Mechanisms of Thermogenesis Thermogenesis is an important component of energy expenditure as it consumes the stored energy for heat production. Studies on the mechanisms of thermogenesis have been largely conducted using rodents in which the brown adipose tissue is primarily responsible for thermogenesis. Recent evidences have shown that inducible thermogenesis occurs in the inguinal white adipose tissue through so called browning phenomenon. It is beginning to understand thermogenic mechanisms in humans as beige adipose tissues have been visualized in humans by FDG-PET scan. In the symposium of obesity, four distinguished speakers will deliver exiting lectures on the novel mechanisms of thermogenesis. The first speaker Professor So Hun Kim from the Inha University will give you an overview of thermogenic mechanisms in rodents and its potential combating obesity. The second speaker is Professor Muthu Periasamy from the United State, who will talk about skeletal thermogenesis. The third speaker Professor Yun Hee Lee will present data supporting a role of connexin-43 in brown fat thermogenesis. Finally, Professor Masayuki Saito from the Japan will give a lecture about the importance of brown fat thermogenesis in weight control.
So Hun Kim Inha University, Korea S9-1 Brown fat thermogenesis and white fat browning
Muthu Periasamy Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, USA S9-2 Skeletal muscle thermogenesis and whole body metabolism
Yun-Hee Lee Yonsei University, Korea S9-3 Connexin 43 is required for the maintenance of mitochondrial integrity in brown adipose tissue
Masayuki Saito Hokkaido University, Japan S9-4 Brown adipose tissue as a therapeutic target for human obesity
S13 Integrated physiology : Inter-organelle communications in metabolic diseases
Saturday 30 September 09:00~11:00| Place: Emerald Hall A
Chairman: In-Kyu Lee, Kwan Woo Lee
    • Inter-organelle communications in metabolic diseases For several decades, mitochondrial dysfunction has been focused in metabolic diseases. However, recently a new insight about the role of inter-organelle communications between mitochondria and others organelles including nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum and lysosome has emerged. In this session, four outstanding speakers will cover the repertoire of inter-organelle communications that has an influence on metabolic diseases. In the first topic, Prof. Lee from Kyungpook National University will share his new data demonstrating the critical role of the mitochondrial-associated membrane in the development of skeletal insulin resistance. Next, Dr. Yoon from Harvard University, USA will discuss dynamic regulation of fat metabolism in metabolic homeostasis. The third speaker, Prof. Lee from University of Southern California, USA will introduce metabolic signals which originate from mitochondria and their metabolic roles. Finally, Dr. Lee from KRIBB will talk organellar communication between ER and mitochondria, which regulate maintain energy homeostasis.
In-Kyu Lee Kyungpook National University, Korea S13-1 Mitochondria - ER association as a therapeutic target for insulin resistance
Hae Jin Yoon Harvard University, USA S13-2 Dynamic regulation of fat metabolism
Changhan Lee University of Southern California, USA S13-3 Cross-genomic basis of mitonuclear communication
Kyu-Sun Lee Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology, Korea S13-4 Mitochondria-ER interplay in the regulation of metabolic flexibility
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