S9 Obesity : New mechanisms of thermogenesis
Friday 29 September 16:00~18:00| Place: Emerald Hall A
So Hun Kim Inha University, Korea S9-1 Brown fat and browning for the treatment of obesity and related disorders
Muthu Periasamy Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, USA S9-2 Skeletal muscle thermogenesis
TBD TBD S9-3 Role of connexin43 in brown fat thermogenesis
TBD TBD S9-4 Importance of brown fat thermogenesis in weight control
S13 Integrated physiology : Inter-organelle communications in metabolic diseases
Saturday 30 September 09:00~11:00| Place: Emerald Hall A
In-Kyu Lee Kyungpook National University, Korea S13-1 Mitochondria-associated membrane responses in skeletal insulin resistance
Hae Jin Yoon Harvard University, USA S13-2 Mitochondrial Sirtuin Network in metabolic homeostasis
Chang Han Lee University of Southern California, USA S13-3 Metabolic signal originating from mitochondria for metabolic homeostasis
Kyu-Sun Lee Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology, Korea S13-4 Mitochondria-ER interplay in the regulation of metabolic flexibility
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