Plenary lecture 1
Friday 29 September 11:30~12:10 | Place: Convention hall A, B, C
Chairman: Moon-Kyu Lee
    • The new biology of diabetes Dr. Domenico Accili is Professor of Medicine at Columbia University and Director of the Columbia University Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Center in New York City. Dr. Accili’s research has delved into the pathogenesis of diabetes, the integrated physiology of insulin action and mechanisms of pancreatic beta cell dysfunction. He is best known for the identification of a family of DNA-binding proteins (Foxo) that collectively regulate diverse pathophysiological processes, including liver glucose and lipid production, food intake, insulin production and adipogenesis. Recently, he discovered a new mechanism of beta cell dysfunction, namely dedifferentiation rather than cell death. He has received numerous awards, including the 2003 Lilly Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement and 2017 Banting Award by the American Diabetes Association. In ICDM 2017, he will deliver a lecture entitled “The New Biology of Diabetes” based on his scientific journey.
Domenico Accili Columbia University, USA PL1 The new biology of diabetes
Plenary lecture 2
Friday 29 September 14:00~14:40 | Place: Convention hall A, B, C
Chairman: Myung-Shik Lee
    • The role of mitochondrial proteostasis in complex human diseases Dr. Min Ho Shong is Professor of Medicine at Chungnam National University and President of the Chungnam National University Hospital. His main research interest is the nexus of mitochondria and metabolic disorders. Because the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in both rare inherited diseases and common complex disorders linked to aging, understanding mitochondrial homeostasis in general, and mitochondrial stress pathways in particular, has become not only a scientific priority but also an issue of high medical relevance. In ICDM 2017, he will talk about the role of mitochondrial proteostasis in complex human diseases. The insight gained from his work will mechanistically define the mitochondrial unfolded protein response, which can be a useful target for the treatment of human diseases.
Minho Shong Chungnam National University, Korea PL2 Mitochodrial proteostasis, unfolded protein response and systemic energy metabolism
Plenary lecture 3
Saturday 30 September 11:20~12:00 | Place: Convention hall A, B, C
Chairman: Sung Woo Park
    • Are glucose-lowering medications safe? Dr. Philip Home is Professor of Diabetes Medicine at Newcastle University, UK. He was Vice-chair of the NICE Appraisal Committee, the UK drug reimbursement advisory committee and Consultant Physician in Newcastle (both to 2011), and has been Clinical Lead to UK and International Diabetes Federation guidelines. He was previously President of IDF Europe and Vice-President of the IDF. Continuing this research career in Newcastle upon Tyne, initially under the guidance of George Alberti, he has published over 390 papers, books and reviews on aspects of diabetes, from basic studies on metabolism to RCTs of new therapies, and aspects of the organization and delivery of diabetes health-care. He is well-known for the RECODRD trial to examine the cardiovascular safety of rosiglitazone. In ICDM 2017, he will give us a lecture on the safety issues of anti-diabetic drugs based on his experience on clinical research for diabetes management.
Philip Home Newcastle University, UK PL3 Are glucose-lowering medications safe?
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