S2 Behavioral medicine/education :
New approaches of diabetes education
Friday 29 September 09:00~11:00 | Place: Convention hall B
David Marrero University of Arizona, USA S2-1 Diabetes education tools
Se Eun Park Sungkyunkwan University, Korea S2-2 TBD
Juhee Cho Sungkyunkwan University, Korea S2-3 Challenges of patient education in digital health era
Su Jin Song Hannam University, Korea S2-4 Nutritional strategies to change dietary behaviors for diabetic patients
S7 Self-care :
The importance of self-care in diabetes management
Friday 29 Septemberr 16:00~18:00 | Place: Convention hall B
    • The importance of self-care in diabetes management Effective diabetes management is very important not only simple glucose management but also improving patient’s self-care management skills. In this session, Helen Snell (Diabetes Service Nurse Leader, New Zealand) will present the status of diabetes education in New Zealand, Larry Hirsch (Becton Dickinson and Company, USA) will discuss about Lipo-hypertrophy, glycemic variability, and injection technique, post-FITTER – why I.T. all matters, Prof. Suh, Eunyoung (Seoul National University, Korea) will introduce the ‘Core values and competence of education nurses for patients with diabetes’ and Jung, Jinhee (Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea) will share and discuss the results of study which is conducted by Korean Association of Diabetes Nurse Educators. Research subject is ‘The effect type2 diabetes management using a smart-phone based blood glucose management training program’. Please join us for this session and enjoy the exciting discussion.
Helen Snell MidCentral Health, New Zealand S7-1 The education, accreditation and practice of the nurse specialising in New Zealand
Laurence Hirsch Becton Dickinson and Company, USA S7-2 Lipohypertrophy, glycemic variability, and injection technique (I.T.), post-FITTER – why I.T. all matters
Eunyoung Suh Seoul National University, Korea S7-3 Core values and competence of education nurses for patients with diabetes
Jin Hee Jung Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea S7-4 The effect type2 diabetes management using a smartphonebased blood glucose management training program
S12 Clinical nutrition :
Korean traditional food and health
Saturday 30 September 09:00~11:00 | Place: Convention Hall B
Min-Jeong Shin Korea University, Korea S12-1 Diet, Metabolic signatures and type 2 diabetes risk in Koreans
Soo-Wan Chae Chonbuk National University, Korea S12-2 Korean traditional dietary pattern and diabetes - benefits and risk
Wei Zheng Vanderbilt University, USA S12-3 Lifestyles for healthy living and longevity: results from large prospective cohort studies in Asians
Cecilie Kyrø Danish Cancer Society Research Center, Denmark S12-4 Nordic diet and risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease
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