S1 Clinical diabetes and therapeutics 1 :
Lessons from large clinical trials in diabetes mellitus
Friday 29 September 09:00~11:00 | Place: Convention hall A
Eun Seok Kang Yonsei University, Korea S1-1 Review of microvascular outcomes trials of type 2 diabetes - From UKPDS to CANVAS-R
Sin Gon Kim Korea University, Korea S1-2 Update on cardiovascular outcomes trials of type 2 diabetes - From RECORD to DEVOTE
Jae Hyun Kim Seoul National University, Korea S1-3 Summary of glucose control and vascular outcomes of type 1 diabetes - From DCCT to REMOVAL
TBD TBD S1-4 Insights from new emerging lipid lowering therapy in dyslipidemia patients with diabetes - from CARDS to ODYSSEY-DM
S6 Clinical diabetes and therapeutics 2 :
Insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Friday 29 September 16:00~18:00 | Place: Convention hall A
    • Insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus Insulin therapy could be an option or should be initiated in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D), as their capacity to secrete their own insulin from pancreatic β-cells declines progressively. The questions remain as to when insulin therapy should be started, and which type of insulins is the most appropriate for T2D on basis of individualized approach. The first speaker, Prof. Soon-Jip Yoo, will present about the dilemmas of insulin-based therapies in clinical practice especially based on their effectiveness and safety. The next speaker, Prof Yehuda Hadelsman, will clearly overview the insulin therapy guideline in T2D to guide the physicians to the appropriate use of insulin in real clinical practice. Dr. Paul Norwood gives a novel insight on the option for controlling the postprandial glucose which is the main problem to achieve target HbA1c. The last speaker, Prof. Young Min Cho, address both his clinical experience and scientific knowledge that he knew from his recent meta-analysis. This scenario of insulin usage might be interest to you.
Soon Jib Yoo The Catholic University of Korea, Korea S6-1 Dilemmas of insulin-based therapy in clinical practice: effectiveness vs safety
Yehuda Hadelsman Metabolic Institute of America, USA S6-2 All that matter in insulin therapy in T2D: guidelines overview
Paul Norwood University of California at San Francisco, USA S6-3 Insulin, past, present and future
Young Min Cho Seoul National University, Korea S6-4 Add-on drugs to insulin therapy: comparative effectiveness
S11 Clinical diabetes and therapeutics 3 :
Making an impact on diabetes in pregnancy
Saturday 30 September 09:00~11:00 | Place: Convention hall A
Huixia Yang Photosynthesis Research Center, China S11-1 A universal consensus on GDM diagnosis & monitoring
Kyung-Soo Kim CHA University, Korea S11-2 Effect of oral anti-diabetic agents on maternal and fetal outcomes: Do we have enough evidences to use in pregnancy?
Sung-Hoon Kim Dankook University, Korea S11-3 Pregnancy outcomes in Korean women with diabetes
Eun-Hee Cho Kangwon National University, Korea S11-4 Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome: HAPO FUS
S14 Clinical diabetes and therapeutics 4 :
New IT-based management of diabetes
Saturday 30 September 14:30~16:30 | Place: Convention hall A
    • Information technology (IT) has been rapidly developing, and smartphone is a very popular device nowadays, which enable to ubiquitous healthcare (U-healthcare) in many chronic diseases. Obesity and diabetes might be most suitable target diseases for IT- or U-healthcare based medicine, as they are very prevalent and have chronicity. The first part of this session will be presented by professor Eun Ky Kim (Seoul National University, Korea) and professor Sang Youl Rhee (Kyung Hee University, Korea) about updated information of smarphone-based management for glucose control and weight control, respectively. The second part of the session will be about the artificial pancreas (AP), a system combining a glucose sensor, a control algorithm, and an insulin infusion device. Professor Andrea Facchinetti (University of Padova, Italy) will provide the updated information on Continuous Glucose Monitoring). Dr. John Shin (Director at Medtronic Diabetes, USA) will introduce the clinical data on 670G, the first FDA-approved AP.
Eun Ky Kim Seoul National University, Korea S14-1 Smartphone-based diabetes care system for patients with type 2 diabetes
Sang Youl Rhee Kyung Hee University, Korea S14-2 Obesity management using smartphone applications: is it really effective?
Andrea Facchinetti University of Padova, Italy S14-3 Continuous glucose monitoring: past, present and future
John J. Shin Medtronic Diabetes, USA S14-4 The artificial pancreas in the real world
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