It is our great pleasure to invite you to the 2017 International Congress of Diabetes and Metabolism to be held on 28-30 September 2017, at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul, Korea.

This will be an excellent opportunity to meet leading scientists in the field of diabetes research and learn about the latest technological advances for people with diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. Since the first meeting in 2011, the ICDM has brought together over 1,500 clinicians and scientists around the world to focus on applying science and technology to fight against diabetes.

The scientific committee has organized highly instructive program with leading plenary lecturers – Prof. Domenico Accili (Columbia University, USA), Prof. Min Ho Shong (Chungnam National University, Korea) and Prof. Philip Home (Newcastle University, UK).

The meeting will present talks covering all fields of diabetes with the theme of “Behavioral medicine/education”, “Clinical diabetes and therapeutics”, “Clinical nutrition”, “Diabetic complications”, “Epidemiology & genetics”, “Insulin action/molecular metabolism”, “Integrated physiology”, “Islet biology & insulin secretion”, “Obesity”, and “Self-care”. The Congress will also include free paper sessions titled ‘poster exhibition’ so that we all can hear diverse voices from many workplaces where we are struggling for the cure of diabetes.

Finally, we would like to have your attention and interest in the meeting and we dearly wish that you could spare some of your precious time to attend this gathering and honor us with your presence. We look forward to seeing you in Korea during this refreshing autumn.

Yours sincerely,
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